Cyclone 1

Cyclone Idai killed thousands and displaced 140,00 Mozambicans. This woman lost both her husband and home, and her family lived in a makeshift tent formed from plastic bags, without means to secure food. We provided food and built a new house to get them back on their feet.

House Construction

No Poor Among Us has constructed 320 homes for impoverished Mozambican families since 2019. We work closely with community leaders to identify those in greatest need of a new home, especially single mothers, widows, and the disabled. Many of the recipients’ homes were destroyed by storms, leaving them to subsist in makeshift shelter under plastic bags or bridges. This program’s success relies on the generous contributions from our partner organizations, as well as hundreds of individual donors. We are able to build a new house for a deserving family or individual for $4,000.

Cyclone 2

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Mahubo 1

Classroom & Library Construction


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