Lift a Woman, Raise a Nation.

Our Mission:
To provide a better life for women and girls through:

  • Enabling and facilitating completion of secondary education
  • Providing formalized trade skills to gain employment and promote self-sufficiency  
  • Providing training in entrepreneurial skills to establish and grow their own businesses

Why Mozambique?

Mozambique remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

  • Even though 94% of girls enroll in primary school, fewer than half make it past 5th grade
  • Just 11% of girls progress to secondary-level education, with a mere 1% continuing to college
  • The female literacy rate (28%) lags far behind that of males (60%)
  • 60% of the population lives on under $2 per day. 

How You Can Help

$200 sponsors a year of education for a girl

$150 sponsors job skills training for a woman

Help people feed themselves by donating to the community farm project

Donations of any amount contribute to providing housing and building schools