Our Team

Josh Phillips, Managing Director

Josh Phillips , Managing Director

Josh Phillip’s work with several humanitarian initiatives spans a total of seven years in Mozambique. He and his wife Kristine began working for No Poor Among Us in 2017, where they managed all educational programs, while also coordinating the building of a second women's center and two schools, and managing two large cyclone relief projects. Josh’s deep love for the Mozambican people is evident in his life's mission to help alleviate the extreme poverty there. He and his wife Kristine recently moved back to the U.S. with their two Mozambican sons, Asumany and Paulo. Josh currently manages U.S. donor relationships, as well as all current projects in Mozambique. He holds a degree in Finance from Utah State University.

Todd Hamblin photo

Todd Hamblin, Executive Director

The former Chief Marketing Officer of Lexmark International, Todd Hamblin has spent much of his career creating great customer experiences. As ARB's CEO, he takes great satisfaction in watching his team solve complex searches, enabling clients to keep their valuable assets in the family. Though Todd takes every chance to travel, and has climbed two of the world's "seven summits" — Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Aconcagua — he is thrilled to call the beautiful state of Utah home.

Melissa Cutler

Melissa Cutler, Director of Media Relations and Fundraising

Melissa is inspired by this quote from Mother Teresa: “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” Feeding the one, or educating the one gives her hope for the future of the women and girls of Mozambique. A visit to meet the students sponsored by No Poor Among Us reinforced the value of the organization’s efforts to provide much needed education and self-sufficiency skills, as well as a guiding light in dark circumstances. She saw how students often lived alone in mud huts, walking hours per day to school. To each of these girls, education is the best starting point to changing her future.

Matt Hamblin

Matt Hamblin, Director of Finance and Ag Projects

Matt has a deep interest in improving the lives of those in Mozambique through education and increased economic prosperity. He is dedicated to tackling the biggest hurdles facing Mozambicans, and sees these efforts as paying dividends in the future, especially food, housing, school supplies and uniforms, and the women’s centers providing sanctuary where local women can improve themselves.

Bateman Headshot

Christian Bateman, Director of Community Development 

Christian spent two formative years living among the people of Mozambique and has a deep understanding of their culture and enduring strength. He has invested in businesses across Mozambique and helped non-profit organizations fundraise and implement capital-efficient relief programs in response to devastating natural disasters. In his professional career, Christian managed multiple billion-dollar programs as the finance lead for negotiations and deals at Amazon and he currently works in Private Equity making acquisitions in the software industry. Christian's wife Katie is a successful entrepreneur and has made it a mission in her business and in their family to give their time and resources to help the people of Mozambique.