While we provided food to meet short-term needs, a long-term solution was our goal. We are now establishing a farming environment and program to teach families to grow their own food.

Garden Project

60% of Mozambicans subsist on under $2.00 per day. Given the costs of providing life’s necessities, very little is left to buy food. Many families in our communities get by on a single small meal per day — sometimes going without altogether. Despite providing over 400,000 pounds of food to families in critical need, No Poor Among Us recognized that simply distributing food is a short-term solution.

We envisioned a long-term solution to enable communities to feed themselves by providing land and teaching them farming skills. No Poor Among Us contributes seeds, water, land, and the tools necessary to raise successful crops. We also partner each family with an instructor to coach them through their first few crops, providing guidance on a path to success. Through our program, families have the opportunity to grow their own food, alleviating the hunger plaguing them for years.


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