Our Founders

Charlotte Hamblin, Co-Founder and Director of Education

Charlotte and David first traveled to Mozambique as part of a program sponsored by the LDS church. Upon learning many girls could not attend school as they could not afford the required uniforms, she set out to make that happen. The program continued and now sponsors 150-200 girls with complete educational needs. Her passion has been instrumental in helping women and girls achieve their potential in a country where women traditionally have limited opportunities.

David Hamblin, Co-Founder

David’s extensive expertise in the world of agriculture was a natural fit for an LDS church program set on helping people learn to feed themselves and improve their self-sufficiency. While this program did not remain active, his journey to Mozambique, along with his wife Charlotte, led to their realization of how they could help women and girls acquire career skills and training to support themselves and their families.

Alex Spencer, Co-Founder and Director of Technology