2021 Sponsorship Program

06 April, 2015 Africa
Donation : $7,200.00/ $20,000.00 DONATE NOW

For $200 sponsor a girl’s education.  The donation covers school fees, books, uniforms, backpacks, supplies and additional English and Computer training.   One of the main things that keeps girls out of school in Mozambique is not being able to purchase a uniform.  In an attempt to help the situation Charlotte Hamblin started paying for 50 uniforms a month to be donated to impoverished girls.  However, after several years of donating uniforms, her and her team felt inspired to do more and give the girls they worked with every opportunity to succeed.  They created the sponsorship program which pays for a girls school fees, backpacks, school supplies, two uniforms, advanced English and computer training.  The program also connects students with a personal mentor to help them avoid early pregnancy, and closely works with them to help them succeed in school.  Girls in the sponsorship program have an 80% chance to finish their high school education compared to the 30% national average.

Each sponsor will get a photo and information on the girl/girls they are sponsoring.

Here are a few of the girls currently being sponsored:

Ana Sigauque

Ana is 17 years old and lives with her mother and siblings. She has always loved learning.  However, several years ago her father died and her mother, who is blind, was no longer able to support her in her studies.  She was going to have to give up her studies and find a job to support the family.  However, thanks to support from the Stringham family, she was able to enroll in school and get her uniform and supplies paid for.  She also gets additional English and Computer training which she is excelling with.

Ana has become one of the top students in the Boane Secondary School.  With her high grades and work ethic, she has hopes of getting into college and becoming an accountant.  Her dream is to work in a bank one day and have enough to support and take care of her mother and siblings.

The Matsena twins Adosinda and Hortencia live with their mom and siblings in the house seen above.  Their mother works hard on a local farm in order to pay for rent and food for her family.  However, she does not make enough to pay for her daughters high school.  Her daughters were both supposed to enter the 8th grade and needed to pay school fees, new uniforms and school supplies.  She had planned on saving up for a year or two for them to continue their education.  However, thanks to the Good Deeds Society and Foutz family, the girls have been able to continue their education.

Both of the girls love to learn and are so thankful for the opportunity that they have to attend school.  Both Adosinda and Hortencia have dreams of becoming teachers when they finish school so that they can pass on their love of learning to others.