Rebuild Beira

06 April, 2015 Africa
Donation : $74,000.00/ $100,000.00 DONATE NOW

Help rebuild homes for vulnerable families in Mozambique.

On March 14 Mozambique was hit by Cyclone Idai. The cyclone has become one of the deadliest storms to every hit Southern Africa. Over 1,000 were killed and 140,000 people were displaced from their homes.

Almost two months after the storm, many people are still struggling to rebuild their homes. There are many vulnerable families in dire need of basic shelter. They are sleeping outside or have made houses out of plastic bags.

We have teams ready to help these families build safe homes, but we need your help! Each house costs $1,500 to build. You can either sponsor a family in need or donate to the general building fund. All donations will be accompanied by pictures of the families being sponsored before and after their house is built.

We appreciate your support!