Cyclone Relief

Help provide relief for the victims of Cyclone Eloise.

On January 23rd, 2021, Beira, a city in Central Mozambique, was hit by Cyclone Eloise. The cyclone has impacted over 250,000 people. Thousands of families lost their homes in the wake of this tragic storm and have been left without food or access to clean water. The situation continues to worsen as potential flooding now threatens an area
that is still recovering from Cyclone Idai, which hit the same region in 2019. One of the worst hit communities in Beira was the community of Mafambisse. Mafambisse has a population of 30,000 and is made up mostly of impoverished farmers. Many of these farmers lost their homes and crops and have no way to rebuild on their own.

No Poor Among Us was able to help 2,000 families with food, 1,300 families with roofs, and built 175 houses for widows and single mothers in 5 different communities after Cyclone Idai. We have a strong relationship with the government and have teams in place to help those most affected by Cyclone Eloise. We want to use the same approach in our upcoming relief efforts to help Mafambisse with food, clean water, roofs and new houses.