Solar Flashlights

Mahubo, Mozambique is located about 30 minutes outside our headquarters in Boane.  In 2017, No Poor Among Us started working with and sponsoring girls at the Mahubo school.  Mahubo takes in students from all the surrounding areas.  Many of the students have to walk 2-3 hours to school because they can’t afford the 6 cents cost to get transport.

Almost all of the 29 girls that are currently sponsored in Mahubo do not have any power at home.  It gets dark at 5:30 p.m. in Mozambique.  These girls and their families use candle light to do any night tasks.  However, candle light is extremely hard to study with and with the distance many students have to walk to and from school, they have no option but to study at night with candle light.

In an attempt to help, No Poor Among Us and Goal Zero teamed up to give the sponsored girls in our programs solar flashlights that will allow them to study at night.  They can charge the flashlights during the day while they are at school and by the time they get home at night time, they will be able to study with great lighting.

All 29 girls that we sponsor in Mahubo were ecstatic about the new gift.  They have dreams of becoming doctors, lawyers, teachers, and government officials one day.  Being able to successfully study at night time brings them one step closer to their goals!