Building Libraries and Classrooms

When David Hamblin gave the director of the Boane Secondary School 50 uniforms to give to his students, he was told by the director that the school had NO BOOKS.  Neither the students or teachers had books. This was unacceptable, so in 2013 NO POOR AMONG US built a library onto the school and filled it with books – mostly textbooks.

In 2013 NO POOR AMONG US partnered with Weber State University to build a very large women’s center next to the Boane Secondary School.  30 student and faculty members from the university worked on this project.  This Center now offers many programs for women and girls and is the home for all of the programs of NPAU.

In 2016 NPAU learned that the Boane students had to find other schools to attend for 11th and 12th grade because they didn’t have enough classrooms to hold these grades at their facility.  With the help of a very generous donors, NPAU built 6 classrooms and a latrine next to the school for 11th and 12th grade classes.

In 2017 NPAU again partnered with Weber State University and built two classrooms,  a library, and a latrine onto the Mahubo Secondary  School. Mahubo is one of the poorest schools in southern Mozambique.  Students from many districts attend the school and most of them come from impoverished backgrounds.  Many students walk 2-3 hours to and from school each day.  The students, their families and the community in Mahubo were very thankful for the help.

Mozambicans are eager for their children to get a good education but overcrowded schools, lack of money for fees and uniforms, and distance to schools cause many students drop out early.